Keeping It Tight; Pornstar’s Bodies

Since I began working in the industry, something I’ve continuously noticed is the diversity of the women who are able to become successful in this business. There is no real “type” of body that will guarantee you success as a pornstar. Everyone has their own preferences as to what it is they like to see when it comes to body type and the things that turn them on. But even with a variety of porn connoisseurs, pornstars do have to work hard on their bodies for other reasons, such as stamina, which is definitely important for this job, or muscular endurance to fit themselves into those awkward yet camera friendly positions.

Think about this, these women get naked on camera for tons of fucking people to watch and see every inch of their bodies up close and personal. That is a terrifying thought for some, including myself. Just thinking about it makes me insanely anxious. The idea that becoming a popular and successful porn star doesn’t take a ton of work is completely wrong. Not only do they have to be able to do whatever sex act is being asked of them for long periods of time, but they also have to be comfortable with themselves and their bodies however they may end up looking on camera. If they aren’t, it’ll come across in the film and will more than likely make it look awkward as fuck.

So now the question is, how do these beautiful porn stars with bodies girls dream of having and men dream of fucking keep themselves in shape. It’s no secret that constantly having sex helps porn stars stay fit, but in order for them to keep up and continue working in the industry, they must keep some sort of exercise regimen going in their spare time.

Let’s take Kendra Lust as an example. After entering the industry in 2012, she instantly became a well-known name in the biz. She works hard on her body and it definitely shows. Lust is one of the many girls who actively post their workouts on social media, and why the hell not when you’ve got a huge perfect ass like hers!

So kiddies, if your dream is to be a pornstar, or even just to fuck one, you better start preparing now because these pros work hard to be able to do the things they do on camera. The things they do to get themselves ready for their long hours on set may seem crazy, but in the end, it’s worth the result. You can find all sites these sexy babes work with for a discounted price on!  For now, I’ll leave you here with some inspiration to get you going. 

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Church in Wales Accepts LGBT Members and Apologizes

The Church in Wales is the Welsh branch of the Anglican Church, also known as the Church of England. It is a protestant faith that hasn’t always been that accepting of people who are different, but all of that is changing. Earlier in 2016, the Archbishop of The Church in Wales issued a formal apology to homosexual people who had previously felt ostracized by the church. As part of the journey to acceptance, the church is promoting a documentary about lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual members of the church. It will show their struggles and fears about not being accepted by the community they love. The Archbishop of the church says that he hopes the film will help other members of the church to accept all members equally and to realize their prejudices if they have got any. The film is called All One in Christ, which sounds intensely religious, but it seems to be the good-natured side of religion – the side that reminds us all to accept and love everyone.

The church even has a lesbian reverend, Sarah Hildreth-Osborn, who used to hide her sexuality from her congregants. “Over the last two or three years I have begun to discover what it means not to have to live a frightened life, hidden away, terrified of what other people might think of me if they find out I’m gay.” She said, about the way the community has changed in recent years. “I don’t live like that any more. I’m very happy.”

Here at IDealgasm, we believe people should be able to enjoy themselves no matter what their tastes, which is why we have deep discounts on so many porn sites for you to enjoy. Whether you like lesbians, Trannys or MILFs, we have you covered, and now at least one part of the Church seems to have you covered as well!

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The “Fish Gape” Pornstar Photo Trend

There have been many photo trends over the years, which have only increased exponentially with the popularity of social media. First there was the duck face, in which girls shove their lips out in a manner they think is cute, but really just makes them look silly and perhaps a little basic. There have also been selfie trends in which chicks try to take pictures of themselves looking asleep, when really they’ve been carefully manicured and coiffed. People have even taken to sending selfies of themselves to top social media sites from inappropriate locations like funerals, or sites of disasters, as well as selfies that show them crying for real to prove how sad they are about a TV show’s plot twiter.

One pornstar photo selfie trend that people are complaining about now is called the “fish-gape.” No, it’s not some new way to gape an asshole that has just been pummeled by a good hard cock. It is what some consider the perfect way to make your face look hot and to look sexy at the same time. These girls start by putting on their best gloss to make their lips look plump and sexy, so when they suck in their cheeks slightly while keeping those lips slightly parted it gives them the lithe and cock-hungry look that many adore. You’ll often see the fish gape pose on pornstar profiles or Twitter accounts, but it is also increasingly showing up on mainstream celebrity social media and may soon become a viral trend the way the fauxhawk was a while back!

Some people claim the trend turns women into sex object, and they’re right, but isn’t that the entire point of what this adult women are consensually doing themselves? After all, it’s a selfie, so how can anyone be annoyed at the trend when all of the images are self portraits?! Why shouldn’t hot pornstars and regular girls get to pose in pics that makes them look and feel alluring? This may finally be the trend that puts an end to the politically correct prudes who always want to ruin a good thing by point fingers at others when they ought to be pointing their cameras at themselves!

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Rolling Stone Magazine Puts Spotlight on Sexy Feminist Porn

Rolling Stone Magazine is pretty well known for getting sexy, as it often has hot musicians and sexy stars right on the cover, but it hasn’t gotten this sexy in quite a while. They have recently done a spotlight on the feminist porn industry, and how it differs from mainstream porn. They focused on Pink & White Productions, a feminist porn company located in San Francisco, California, which is a place where both Kinky porn and female centered porn gets made quite frequently. It first showed how making porn is just like a regular job, the performers arrive, get coffee and sign the model releases, assisted by Jiz Lee, the communications director for the company and fellow pornstar. Then they take some photos with the director, Shine Louise Houston.

This director in particular has been instrumental in helping people see themselves in porn movies. She has created a porn reality show of sorts called The Crash Pad Series, which is based on the premise that someone might slip you a key to this amazing apartment where dirty things happen. In the apartment’s videos, pornstars who are well known and those who are completely amateur can get it on, no matter their body type, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity or ability. In fact, Ms. Houston encourages people to apply to shoot for The Crash Pad who don’t see themselves in porn movies at all.

The focus of the movies, which makes them feminist porn, is that everyone gets to feel pleasure. In most mainstream porn, women don’t receive much pleasure. Their purpose is often to serve cocks, which can be pleasurable for many, but there isn’t much pussy licking shown, or female orgasm for the sake of orgasm. In feminist porn, everyone who wants to get off does. It’s nice to see a magazine like Rolling Stone covering such an interesting topic and putting a light on a type of porn such as this. You can find discounts on lesbian porn sites right here on iDealgasm, if you want to see girls orgasming over and over again!

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Experts Find No Evidence of “Porn Addiction” In New Study

Some politicians and public voices have put out some funny sounding ideas in the past year or so. Utah politicians have tried to declare porn a “public health crisis” and other notable people, like Anthony Weiner, have blamed some clear personality faults on porn movies, which are nothing more than a fun divertissement from the grueling days that most people face, working hard to make ends meet. However, one thing that these people should be asking themselves is: Is porn addiction even real? The answer, according to most sexperts is a simple No!

According to the AASECT – the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists – there is just no evidence to show that porn addiction is even a thing. They stated that the organization “does not find sufficient empirical evidence to support the classification of sex addiction or porn addiction as a mental health disorder.” They also stated that most programs seeking to help people with these “problems” aren’t helpful and don’t even operate off of a base of knowledge that has anything to do with what we actually know about human sexuality.

The main problem is that many places claiming to help with “sex or porn addictions” are actually religious organizations whose ideology clashes with the sexual freedom that many porn lovers, polyamorists and swingers enjoy. They seek to make people feel guilty and bad for their fun life choices, and many therapists think that is where the real problem lies. People who believe they have a “porn addiction” are simply those who have been led to believe that feeling pleasure or watching porn is bad, when really, it’s perfectly fine to do so! We believe that people should enjoy what they want as far as entertainment and be able to relax when they feel like it. That’s why we offer the best deals on all sorts of porn sites.

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Getting The Ho Ho Ho Out Of Your Girl!

The holidays are going to be here faster than you can say “ho ho ho,” and that means gift giving, candy canes and plenty of attempts at turning Mrs. Clause into the Ho you always wanted for Xmas! You’re probably wondering what to get for your booty call princess, girlfriend, wife or friend with benefits as a way to heat up her mood. Maybe a porn for women niche site with a discounted membership from IDealgasm? Keep in mind, any time you get her a new membership to an interracial porn site, everyday is Black Friday for her!

Assuming you want to stuff her stocking with some gear to go along with that video pass, check out the We Vibe Sync. It’s a vibrator that inserts inside a woman’s coochie, with another part that rubs her clitoris. What makes this sex toy different is that you can control it from afar. Great for long distance couples or for people who want to play naughty games with each other while everyone else unwraps gifts in the same room, possibly next to you on the couch.

Bubble Love is another sweet little toy that can go into the bathtub with her. It’s completely waterproof, so if you want to have some watery fun, then this will be the perfect toy for you in a bathtub under the mistletoe. In fact, the toy works in conjunction with your bathwater to create a bubbly stream on her most intimate spots.

The Ora by Lelo is a vibrator that works to mimic oral sex for gals who prefer a tongue to anything else. It has a little motor that moves a tongue-like stimulator around, and it really feels like oral sex to most women. It’s an ingenious device because it keeps her smiling all holiday season and if you use it properly you can watch the football games on television without her even noticing you sent in an electronic substitute to finish her off during the fourth quarter!!

Happy Holidays from IDealgasm!

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Who is Your Favorite 2017 AVN Nominee?

Adult Video News is a company that has been holding adult industry awards since 1984. Most pornstars hope to get an AVN as it is kind of like the Oscars, but for porn! They have just come out with their nominations for the upcoming 2017 AVN Awards show which will take place in January of the coming year as it usually does. During this time of year fans and pornstars flock to Las Vegas, and there are many opportunities to meet your favorite stars or to get your own memorabilia signed by them. AVN award nominated actresses often become the hottest and most in-demand girls for upcoming porn films.

One of the most coveted categories is the Best New Starlet. The girl who wins this one has usually started doing porn in the past year, and winning can be a big boost for her career in the future. This year we see such names as cutie Kira Noir, a sexy black girl with dreads, Piper Perri, a sexy petite blonde and Holly Hendrix, an anal loving slut who is just 19 years old.

Another category that women in the biz love is the best actress category. Winners of this one have actual acting chops. This year we see Asian Asa Akira, MILF Cherie Deville and cutie Penny Pax among the nominees for those rare pornstars who can actually learn some lines and put on a theatrical performance that is about more than just answering the door nude for the pizza guy.

Find your favorite AVN nominees in all the discounted porn sites we have here on IDealgasm. We offer new deals pretty much every day, so keep checking back to get the best deals on what may already be your favorite porn sites, or discover some new ones!

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25 Deals of Christmas, Last Call!

Well folks, the month has flown by and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s a time to be merry and relax with our families, so hopefully you’ve been checking out our 25 Deals of Christmas and scoring amazing gifts for all your loved ones. If you haven’t, never fear, there are still a few more days left of our holiday specials for all your last minute gift needs.

With only a few days left on these unbelievably low priced deals, let me give you a quick reminder of the previous deals we’ve offered this month. We kicked it off with the one and only EvilAngel, providing you with the fiercest fallen angels and the sexiest sinners in the biz. Then dropped PornstarPlatinum at just $5 and Puba network at just $4. As you can imagine from these previous deals, our last week of deals will blow both your heads off.

I can’t tell you what the deals are, because what fun would that be, but how about I throw you some hints so you can prepare for the deals coming up.

We’ve saved something for everyone in these last few days, including some ethnically themed erotica, kinky BDSM and even some fresh new faces to the industry. You’ll find some big butts and small butts, voluptuous titties, sexy feet and more. Even mind-blowing fantasies, bondage and submission, family fuck fests and teen content that’ll definitely have your bells jingling all holiday long. So get ready for the last few days of our 25 Deals of Christmas over on iDealgasm and be sure to spread the holiday cheer season.

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Disney Film Moana Released As Oceana In Italy Due To Pornstar Confusion?

Have you ever heard of Moana Pozzi? She is an Italian pornstar who has passed on to another realm, but is still on the tip of the tongue of most XXX fans in Italy. She started back in 1981 until her demise in 1994. In that time she contributed 100+ amazing porn movies for the world to witness. She was a wild woman who did double penetration and interracial sex in an era where that was much more rare than it is today. Moana didn’t care what people thought about her and perhaps that is why people still remember her even now. She was a tall beauty with blonde hair who sparkled in any porn movie she was in. Ms. Pozzi was so charismatic that she was often seen in mainstream culture on TV and even commenting on politics.

Now a new animated movie about a Polynesian Princess who goes on an adventure is being released with the title Moana, but in Italy, they have decided to change the name to Oceana in an apparent attempt to avoid confusing the animated character of the G rated film with one of the hottest Italian pornstars of all time.

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Can Porn Be Good For You And Your Boo?

On the rare occasion that you hear a lady talking about watching porn, no matter what you say, you will begin seeing her with different eyes. But the reality is that many women in the world watch porn and even dare I say, masturbate to porn. There are even a ton of adult sites that have content intended specifically for women. So just because you’ve come to believe porn is only for men, trust me, there are plenty of women watching porn, they just may not be discussing it aloud.

With porn being a very normal and natural thing to watch, how come when people get in relationships the thought of porn turns into being a bad thing or even considered “cheating”. Do men actually think that women don’t watch or enjoy porn? Because spoiler alert, we do. So rather than starting an unnecessary argument or getting angry at your significant other for watching porn, why not ask to join in. Not only will they think that it’s super hot, but your sex life will probably get the upgrade of a lifetime. And hey, you may even find out this person has naughtier taste than you thought, which is obviously an added bonus.

In the last few years, the idea of porn in relationships has become a more prominent topic among couples. Many couples have begun experimenting with watching porn in the bedroom, and using it as a means of arousal. While yes there are some people who find pornography offensive and degrading, I’d bet if they just gave it a try, they’d see why people and couples enjoy it. Either way, here’s the thing you need to remember, everyone has their own taste so something you may love watching may not do it for your partner. Be open to trying new styles of porn you may not have tried before.

With so many diverse types of porn on the web, couples can give all the various categories, fetishes and niches a try to figure out what get’s their partner aroused. With so many choices, you might not know where to begin. How about trying out some latex and leather, or bondage and spanking content with a site like FetishNetwork. Or maybe it’s time you shed that girl next-door image with the bad girls of NaughtyAmerica. And of course you can check out the top porn stars in the industry in frequently updated and unbelievably raunchy videos on Spizoo.

So before you hide your porn stash under the bed or clear your browser history, talk to your partner to see if watching porn together is something you would both like to explore. Honest communication is the only way you’ll know if this is something you might want to try. Watching porn with your significant other can improve your mood and change your sex life in the best way possible. If you’re looking to explore a large and wide variety of adult sites at amazing discounted prices, head over to iDealgasm now and explore all the erotic content available there!

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